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Citrix Netscaler LDAP fails

Timo Lieven

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Hello, everybody, 
here's the problem. 

I have two NetScaler 5550 in HA mode
After an update to firmware NS11.1.15.nc the LDAP authentication with a NetScaler (secondary) no longer works.

Primary NetScaler works fine and without a problem.


4 LDAP Servers
1 LADP load balancing server 

The LDAP servers on the Secondary NetScaler keep losing the connection (Dashboard Log SSL Handshake Fails) and reconnect.

I have already synchronized the second NetScaler with the Primary.

Has anyone had this problem and can help ? 




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Excuse me, I didn't get it.


You have a lb vServer, load-balancing 4 LDAP servers. There is a LDAP policy, pointing to this server. Did I get it right? How can services be up on 2nd node?


By the way: Microsoft changed it's policies, they don't want plain text LDAP any more.


If I didn't get it right: Do a network trace. You may follow my blog (I have to update this one to new Microsoft Policies): https://blog.norz.at/ldap-and-citrix-adc-netscaler/


Cheers Johannes

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