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Citrix Workspace App - Recently get a Spinning Circle when debugging code

Bertrand Decoux


since a few days...


When debugging code, I'm seeing the citrix session starting a "loading" mode with the cursor showing a spinning circle and not letting me take control of anything in the window.

So if I have a breakpoint in Visual Studio, the process will be running forever and I will not be able to control my Citrix session at all...

Never seen this behavior before. Looks like a recent bug. Kindly investigate


I am using macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)



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This is still the happening.


For any long process action, the loading cursors starts and blocks the session. only option is to kill the session and restart it. during the first 5 sec I have control off the cursor (before it goes back to loading mode again) and I can kill quickly the long running process. Have to do this 5-10times a day: This situation is quite bad. Can someone assist with this?


Absolutely no feedback from Citrix in 3 weeks? 

What's the purpose of these forum?

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