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vGPU on Server 2016 Terminalserver vs. vGPU on Server2016 XenDesktop (ServerVDI)

Ricardo Holdorf1709160685


Hi to all,


actually i'm fighting with an issue on a vGPU deployment. I have an environment with Server2016 as Terminalserver for around 120 Users.

There are some CAD Applications and so far it seems to be ok, but i have some weired behaviors with vGPU enabled Machines.


For example MSAccess is slowly building up the table. Excel needs one more second to load. And this seems to be in all applications.

For one Program the problem is the same like Access, the graphic is building up like an old printer ... line for line - from left to right.

When i'm going to publish the same image as servervdi, i don't get this problems and the performance is much better.


But now, i'm not sure, if there is any other way i can do.

I already tried to set CUDA and OpenCL registry. I tried to use the OPEN GL acceleration from the installmedium. I don't see any way to get rid of that, except to deploy servervdi's.


We have nvidia t4 and p40 on vmware vsphere with xeon gold processors.



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are you sure you have set the correct terminal server group policies to enable the vGPU functionality ?


Besides that I think you might be limited by the RDP protocol limitations. I would try something different by installing the Citrix virtual apps layer on top of your terminal server and publish them as Citrix virtual desktops. 


I've personally successfully run a POC based on your setup with T4 and xeon gold processors in HP DL 380 G10 servers, Windows 2012 image and Citrix virtual apps 1906.


Also, without going into the details here, please verify your performance with "GPU profiler" and "RD Analyzer". These tools should allow you to troubleshoot performance and impact at the moments where it goes wrong.

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I have a similar Problem. If i add a vGPU to the Windows Server 2016 Terminal Server an enable the Microsoft GPO “use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions” than the 2D performance is degreed for Applications that have for example a scrollbar in the “old” Windows Style. It possible to benchmark this behavior with the Tool “PassMark Performace Test”

https://www.passmark.com/products/performancetest/download.php you can download and test the software for 30 day for free.

I ran the 2D test on the Server without vGPU and with a vGPU. If the RDS-Server have the vGPU then the 2D result is bader than without vGPU. By the way no difference between RDP and ICA.


The System is a Cisco Blade UCS with XenServer 8 and Nvidia P6 GPUs with the newest vGPU Driver. The VDA Agent is 1912LTSR. Windows Server 2016 full patched.






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yes exactly, with ServerVID or Windows10 VDI (i think technically the same like ServerVDI ) is the 2D performance okay. Only in a terminal server environment (with enabled GPO "use GPU for all Sessions...") with vGPU is the performance degreed. 
We have opened a call 7 or 8 Month ago at citrix, Nvidia and Cisco but nobody feels responsible and Citrix says it a Nvidia problem and Nvida says its a hypervisor problem and so on... Maybe we need an Microsoft call too :-) but it’s annoying....

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