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Bjoumlrn Teszligmer



recently i've been struggeling with the push notifications on ios. I would say it works but not really satisfying. 


There are two different versions of securemail on our CEM. One is old and the network settings are "tunneled to the internal network" and "secure browse" vpn mode.

In a newer version we use "Tunneled - Full VPN" and a required micro VPN session. 


In the older version push notifications working like a charm but not in the newer version. I also tried to change the network mode and it seems like "use previous settings" work as well.


Another thing i noticed is that lock screen notifications seems not to work when you show "count only" in secure mail.


Could someone please explain the different modes and how i get push notifications to work?


PS: split tunneling ist off and STA are included. But it seems netscaler gateway can't reach the URLs (https://eu-west-1.pushreg.xm.citrix.com ->; 

Edit: in "Tunneled - Web SSO" it takes up to 15 minutes to get a lock screen notification. it seems to work but does this always take that long?





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