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Application/Desktop probe installation

Jeffrey Fletcher1709156626


I am experimenting with new features in the current LTSR (1912) and I am trying to get Application/desktop probing set up. I have a device that will be the probe launcher, however, when I try to install the probe agent, I get a message that says 'Install Citrix Receiver version 4.8 or later and re-run the  Citrix Probe Agent Setup'. I had CWA 1911 on the device to start. Removed it. Installed Receiver 4.9 LTSR and I get the same error. 


Anyone have any success overcoming this issue or have any advice as to how to resolve it? Thank you!

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Hi @Jeffrey Fletcher1709156626, could you please give more information of the machine your trying to install the probe agent on? are you trying to install Probe Agent 2001? Please refer to the requirements section https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/director/troubleshoot-deployments/applications/desktop-probing.html. Endpoint machines running probe agents are Windows machines with Citrix Receiver for Windows Version 4.8 or later, or Citrix Workspace app for Windows (formerly Citrix Receiver for Windows) Version 1906 or later. Workspace app for Unified Windows Platform (UWP) is not supported.


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