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VMWare configuration change to add devices.hotplug=false now Server 2016 HSD boots with 'getting devices ready'

Cindy Vickers


7.15 environment

Server 2016 VDAs - Published Desktops streamed vdisk from PVS

In VMWare added line in configuration in VMs devices.hotplug FALSE to stop unspecified devices showing in Devices and Printers: SAS Controller, vmxnet3# adapters


This worked fine but now when booting the HSD for around 10-15 seconds I see 'getting devices ready' 

The HSD boot up fine and register and work fine but would like to  know if there is a way to get rid of this.  Or is this expected?

Looking at moving to UEFI PXE boot also 

Thanks in advance



getting devices ready.JPG

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Hi Koenraad,


Thanks for your response.  I have updated the vDisk since making the configuration change.  The VM I use for updating the vDisk doesn't show the 'getting devices ready' message after I made the change.  It's only the other target devices so I'm not sure what else I can check.





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