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MCSIO Write Cache Disk permissions

Cathy Leik


In XenDesktop 1909 the MCSIO write cache disk is present and mapped as drive D:  We found that domain users have the rights to add files to that disk even though they should have read only permissions.  It looks like Authenticated users gives them that right.  Is there anyway to remove Authenticated user permissions there?    Otherwise users can same sensitive information to a non persistent desktop and another user can access that information.    I realize hiding the drive would be another way of doing this.

Write Cache Permissions.png

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I would not be touching the permissions on that drive without thorough testing and even a bit of guidance/confirmation from Citrix in writing (Log a ticket)


i typically leave both PVS and MCSIO based write cache drives alone - hide them from the user, and worst case you could script something that cleans it up on each boot up and shutdown (have to learn what SHOULD be there and kill anything else)

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This WriteCache disk shows up in our VDIs as "Drive E" (we're on 1912 LTSR)...  I am trying to simply HIDE the "E:" drive from Users but I've not been able to do so... Tried Group Policy Preferences -- one called "NoDrives" where you block Drive letters based on a value, and one using the "Drive Maps" option to hide E: -- but neither of those worked.  Those were set inside the primary GPOs linked to that OU, which all work, so the Scopes are fine.  Any ideas on how to hide "E:"?

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