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App-V Single Admin Management Powershell Help!!!

Philip Cooke1709161484


Currently I'm using Citrix Virtual Apps 7.15 LTSR and we're looking to Automate App-V App imports and Publication using Powershell using the App-V Single Admin Management Method.


It seems that adding a new App-v package to the library is pretty simple

i.e.  New-AppLibAppVPackage -LibraryUid 1 -Path "\\<Server>\Store\App-V Test\7Zip\v1\7Zip.appv"


Publication of the imported App-V doesn't seem to work very well though. In that  the GUID for the argument -CommandLineArguments changes every time the app is imported.  I can see it changes every time if remove then re publish the application through the Application Wizard in Studio.


Example of publication command:

New-BrokerApplication -ApplicationType "HostedOnDesktop" -CommandLineArguments "658898d6-4b84-4b2a-9976-cdf41aaf9528" -CommandLineExecutable "CtxAppVLauncher.exe" -DesktopGroup 1 -Enabled $True -Name "7ZIP"  -PublishedName "7ZIP" -SecureCmdLineArgumentsEnabled $True -ShortcutAddedToDesktop $False -ShortcutAddedToStartMenu $False -UserFilterEnabled $False -Visible $True -IconUid 4


If I run New-BrokerApplication omitting -CommandLineArgument it breaks the application section of studio

If I run New-BrokerApplication and set the -CommandLineArgument to the App-V package GUID it creates a published app in Studio but the application fails to launch via storefront

If I run New-BrokerApplication and set the -CommandLineArgument to "" it creates a published app in Studio but under the details tab it says "Object Does Not Exist"


Any ideas?

Thank you in advance





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To give those that are interested an update. I logged the issue with Citrix and have been advised currently it is not possible to publish app-v apps using powershell in this way

So a bit of dead end for automating the use App-V Single Admin Management for importing App-V apps then publishing them.


However through my own testing it is still possible to get rid of the App-V Management and Publishing Servers by copying the Apps to a Network share. Publishing the App globally on the VDA using the App-V Client Powershell cmds (to get rid of the requirement to do users caching of the app-v Apps ). Then control access using a published app in Citrix Studio. 



Add-AppvClientPackage -Path "\\NetWorkShare\Store\App-V Test\7Zip\v1\7Zip.appv"
Publish-AppvClientPackage -PackageId 658898d6-4b84-4b2a-9976-cdf41aaf9528 -VersionId 9d41f764-a9c1-4530-b036-01127b25f988 -Global


In Studio 



All of which can can be scripted using existing Powershell cmd's


I hope this anyone who wants to do something Similar.

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