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VM Template Details Needed - Video Card

Kevin Smith1709152583


In App layering (we are on 2001), when you have a vSphere connector that points to a Virtual Machine Template.  What are the recommendations for "Video Card" settings?  We use Wyse thin clients, Win 10, and 1920x1080 monitors.  Some have 1 monitor and some have 2.  I can't seem to find clear documentation on how to configure our VMs.  vSphere 6.5/6.7.


The defaults appear to be for me:

Video Card: Specify custom settings

Number of displays: 1

Total video memory: 8 MB

3D Graphics: unchecked box = Enable 3D Support

3D Renderer: greyed out "Automatic"

3D Memory: 256 MB



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Thanks for the quick response.  I guess a couple follow-up question if you don't mind.


1) Are there any other"non default"  "things that matter" with configuring the VM template  that are noteworthy?  We do MCS non-persistent if it matters.


2) Do VMware Hardware levels need to be consistent all the way through the AL system?  OS layer/platform/apps?  We have tried VM version 10 and 13?  Is there a preferred version?  We are on 7.15 LTSR CU4 going to CU5.


3) If it matters, we are trying to solve the 20-40 second logon penalty for having a 2nd monitor attached.  We have been unsuccessful to resolve the issue to this point on 1903 and 1909. 

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Basically your template should start life as a clone of the gold image you used to create the os layer.  Then you delete the disk and you can make any ram/cpu changes you need.  VMware tools versions are what you have in the os layer nothing to do with a template as you remove the disk from the templates because we use the layered image for the disk.  Its up to you what VMware tools version you use.  


This is probably not the best forum to get an answer on your logon delays when using multiple monitors but maybe we will get lucky in that regard.  Not an issue i have heard of before myself but I will ask around.

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