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HA: Undesired axctive passive fail over in 13 47.24.

Johannes Norz

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We recently upgraded to 13 built 47.24. Every time we reboot a box it gets primary. All configuration changes, that happened between reboots, are lost. In this case it is many of them, it's a complete WAF deployment!


Our first thought was, time difference in SDX boxes is guilty. We fixed the issue, however it didn't solve the issue. Every time we reboot the secondary box, it will become primary, all changes on the primary box get lost.


Next try, we set one box to stay primary, and rebooted the other one. Same behaviour, but this time, the former active reclaimed it's status, so we saw 2 flips. Same thing about the configuration: is primary. I reboot, do changes to while is rebooted. After reboot it claims active, a synchronizes from to is done, finds out, it should have been primary, and gets primary, but now with's configuration.


This mostly or happens, if is active and is passive. We could not see the issue with being active. It does not happen in 100% of cases. Any thoughts?

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I am observing similar beahvior on Sync is not successful between primary and secondary, so whatever changes done primary do not get replicated, If I force the sync the Secondary crashes. Can you check if sync is done properly? This could cause the changes not to be replicated and be lost during the failover. 


One of the suggestion that I have not tried yet is to disable appflow. Do you have it enabled? 






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