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Logon script specified in Session policy does not run when using v12.1 VPN agent, but will run if older v11 VPN agent is installed.

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We have a Login script specified in our VPN session policy to run from a domain controller, this works correctly if the client is running an older version of the nsvpn agent e.g v11.x
if we install the current v12.1 agent on the client the logon script does not run when the use connects the VPN.  No errors, just doesn't run. 
If we uninstall the v12.1 client and reinstall the older v11.x ns vpn agent the logon script runs ok again when the user connects the vpn.


The login script would not run when using v12.1 50.31 and now wont run on v12.1 55.18 either.


This is happening on multiple devices. 

Has anyone ever seen this behavior before?  



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