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Multiple Applications in AppV package

Paul Metcalfe1709156241


Hi all,


Our organization has just transitioned from XenApp 6.5 to VirtualApps 1912.  In the process we've moved all our old Citrix Streaming Apps (created using the good old Citrix Streaming Profiler) over to AppV.

For most of them, its worked fine.


However, we have a few applications that contain multiple environments and we would like to publish the same application with a "PROD", "TEST", "UAT" version of the app.  For these business applications, its quite easy to do this if its a locally installed app.  You simply run the main application executable with the appropriate switch/argument.  I.E.  c:\program files\MyApp\App.exe /config \\domainname.local\appconfigs\PROD.xml or c:\program files\MyApp\App.exe /config \\domainname.local\appconfigs\UAT.xml , etc etc...


However, trying to do this with App-V, and publish the apps in Citrix Studio (using AppV Single Admin Mode), is quite a challenge.  In fact, i haven't really found a good way of doing it.

The problem is when doing it in the appV sequencer, you can't really add multiple versions of the same 'application'.  They seem to get 'consolidated' back into a single application when you go back in to the package to make subsequent updated.  Secondly, it also doesn't seem like you can use UNC paths as part of an application arument in the appV application either (we like to store the environment config files for these apps on a DFS share).  When you try running the app, it adjusts the "\\" start of the UNC to "C:" or something similar (can't remember what path exactly off the top of my head).


This feels like such a common thing that people would want to do, what is everyone else doing ?



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Hi everyone


Anyone got this work? Single admin APPV with studio with network share.


I have same question. I want publish same application.exe with diferents arguments. Like:


1 - Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe http://citrix.com

2 - Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe http://google.com

3 - Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe http://xxxxx.xxx


But appv seems get only the first one "exe".. and ignore anothers. When i add the package in studio, applications TAB show me just one. (attached screen)


I wanna just publish many urls to my users with just one appv package.





2020-10-14 18_16_20-GOWCTX20-SF+Lic (cofre.hypera.com.br) - Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7.png

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