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LDAP Advanced Policies with NetScaler Standard

Ken Z

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Hi Everyone


I've got a customer who's just bought a NetScaler MPX5900 standard appliance. I've just patched it to the latest 13.0 build, and setting it up as a Citrix Gateway and reverse proxy (context switching).

During the creation of the LDAP Server Profiles and Policies I'm having to use Classic Expressions because apparently Advanced Expressions are not supported for policies bound directly to a Gateway VIP. To enable Advanced Expressions requires nFactor, which in turn requires AAA, which is only available for Advanced/Premium platform licenses.


Now, when creating my Classic Expressions, it gives a warning that Classic authentication policies are deprecated (I knew that) and will be removed in release 13.1 (did not know that)


Well, that's stuffed it. My customer will not be able to upgrade to release 13.1 because that'll break his LDAP authentication, and he can't switch to nFactor/AAA because he's only got a standard license. 


Am i missing something?

Will 13.1 support binding Advanced Auth Policies (both LDAP and RADIUS) directly to a Gateway VIP?




Ken Z

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