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XenApp allowing logins before WEM has initialized

Sandy Williams


Hello, I'm using WEM Agent 19.12 and I'm finding that if users sign into a XenApp server shortly after it has rebooted some early sessions are getting on the server before WEM has initialized.  I''m not seeing any WEM logs in the user's profile (default logging location) whereas users who sign in a few minutes later I do see log files.  I tried calling Citrix support and had a very difficult time explaining this to the rep. He insisted I give him logs and I told him there are no logs. Then he wanted to do tracing and I explained this is only a problem for a brief period of time after the server has booted so it would be difficult to start tracing during this time.  I had them archive the case because I wasn't getting anywhere.


Is there a way to force a server to not allow sessions until X delay to allow the services to start?




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If you can't roll out BIS-F quickly, you can add a stop Desktop Service on server boot as a scheduled task or startup script and then sleep for some amount of time and then start the Desktop service. We're at the beginning of demoing BIS-F, but we have PVS, so we restart the WEM Service and sync the cache on system reboot. We stop the Desktop service until WEM caches. That way users can't login until WEM is prepped.

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