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Office 365 activation after reboot (PVS)

Thomas Churchill1709160664


I've recently installed Office 365 Pro Plus, set up the shared activation policies in our domain. The licensing tokens are being stored in roaming profiles, and the token files are generated when the user logs in. Logging off and back into the desktop Office 365 remains signed in. 

Once the server (PVS Target Device) reboots as they do each night users have to log back in again. The "sign in" button will appear in the title bar of the Office application when launched (will display the users name otherwise), and curiously when I go to File > Account, I can see "Account Error" under "User Information". 


Has anyone else deployed Office  365 in this way and seen the same issues? we're running non-persistent, shared desktops. 

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Thought I would update this with my findings. 


On 2/5/2020 at 10:38 PM, Ricardo Holdorf1709160685 said:

The only right way here is to relicense via sso on every login.

you need an adfs deployment or azure ad connect with passthrough/sso.

exclude the licensing folder via upm and delete the identities regkey on every login. Thats the way you never ever get problems on that


Thanks for the reply but this doesn't help in the case I'm trying to support, ADFS and SSO are out of the question. 


I've found that restarting the "Microsoft Click-to-Run Service" after the machine has rebooted seems to resolve the behaviour of having to logon after a server reboot. Not sure why it requires an admin doing this as I'd have thought the reboot would have cycled the service. 

So I wrote a little script to restart the service a minute after the server reboots. Tested a dozen times with different accounts all seems fine. 

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