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Issue with Load balancing

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I have simple configuration with 2 back end servers with Least connection Load balancing mechanism.


there is an issue with one of the backend servers. if i take that server out of rotation on load balancer, the URL works fine.


But if the server team, themselves bring the server down , still there is issue and url is not loading. 


My question is " why wouldn’t the load balancer mark the stopped server down and not send any traffic to the “server with issue”  


why is it necessary to disable the server at load balancer only to make it work.


i do not have persistence configured, just for FYI


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i am getting , """Last response: Failure - TCP connection successful, but application timed""" on logs which makes the monitor fluctuating between UP/Down.

and on HTTP-ecv  monitor : response time out being st 2 secs.


i need to check what the time-out value need to set on the loadbalancer  for this monitor is, and 2) how it determines that there is no data back from the server so it disconnects.



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