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(Citrix Gateway) Is there a way to Organize better Authorization Policies?

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Currently I have about 100 authorization Policies, and withing the next coming months I will probably triple that amount. There could be instances where 5 authorization policies are applying to one group, or 20 authorization policies are applying to another group. How can I organize this better? I don't want to Join Authorization policies into one or two because it create a mess with all the IP's and Rules within the expression. I would like to look at the Authorization Policy and understand what is being allowed and what is being blocked. 


Is there a way to put a "Description" within the Authorization Policy Expression? if this is doable, then I can join multiple authorizations and maybe put a description of what is what within the expression. 


Is there a way to maybe create the Authorization Policies and and tag them by name within the Expression? 


With the amount of Policies being created in the upcoming months for me, this may become very difficult to manage. Just trying to find the best way to organize and have a more clear vision of what is being applied. 

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