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Remove Additional Smart Card Pin Prompt WFICA32 via NetScaler

Jimmy Raborn

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Starting in Q4 of 2019 our Windows endpoint users began seeing an additional Smart Card prompt. 


1. When the users connect to the Storefront they get a pin prompt and their apps are enumerated.

2. (New) When they click a published desktop or application they get the prompt shown below. (image copied from militarycac.com)


Windows users are OK this is an added step. Apple users don't get this second prompt and get an SSL error (MacOS) or a CAMAuthManErrorCodeProtocol. 

There are articles on fixing the CAMAuthManErrorCodeProtocol issue but the changes do not apply. 

We have an open month old escalated case but we've had no feedback in 3 weeks. 

Is anyone else seeing this?  We've got about 500 iPad users who can't access Citrix published resources.

We're running XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR CU4, NS 12.5 55.18



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