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PVS Console logon, A database error occurred

Jarred OBrien


Everytime I try and login to the PVS console on my nodes I get an error:

Critical Error

A database error occurred


Logon failed for '<domain>\<mydomainserviceaccount>' due to trigger execution.

Changed datbase context o '<nameofmydatabase>'.

Changed language settings to us_english.


I've looked at several reports of this error on the forums I looked at this link and verified my domain user has rights to the database (login, execute, etc). I then checked this link and my pvs server computer accounts had no rights to the db so I set them up and matched the execute permissions on another setup I have that works.


What else could I look at?


Environment is Windows server 2016, MSSQL 2016, PVS 7.22.


I should also mention that restarting the Citrix Stream Service on PVS temporarily fixes the issue. It shows up again on logon.

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