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Browser Content Redirection (BCR)

Matthew Greene


Trying to better understand the BCR process. Currently using Virtual Apps 7.15 LTSR (will be applying CU5 to get BCR features). Would like to redirect content to the endpoint as current hardware refreshes make the endpoint ideal to offload browser load from the VDA. What if a specific site is encountered that would need another app, i.,e, Excel, etc. Excel is present on the VDA but not the endpoint. Would BCR still be able to utilize the instance of Excel on the VDA? Regarding malware, etc..does all of that security exposure then shift to the endpoint?

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In theory, it would move the HTML rendering to the endpoint so to the web page, I believe it would appear that the programs were not installed.


However -- I have a case that I've been working with Citrix on where some sites aren't redirecting properly.  I can't get much details from my engineer, but I've been told... well... here's a quote from my escalation engineer:



Initially, Browser content redirections  was designed to support youtube.com only.  That is what the team committed to, what was designed, and what was implemented, later, people started using BCR for other purposes.  Due to some limitations and high-level behavioral requirements the failure presented in this scenarios is considered as a design issue and engineering will not be able to fix it.


My takeaway is -- what you're talking about is way more complex than what what Citrix will support.   If your site isn't youtube.com, they can't guarantee it will work.

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