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Wrong number of cores showing in Windows 10 VM

Eric Samstad1709161684


I have installed Windows 10 (home edition) on XenServer 8.1 (free edition - I'm a hobbyist), with Xen guest tools and drivers installed.  In XenCenter, I've set two vCPUs.  However, when I check System Info from within Windows of the running VM, it shows only one "core".  It correctly identifies the processor (i5-9600) and operating frequency, but shows 1 core instead of the expected 2. 


In XenCenter, I've set "2 sockets with 1 core per socket"  Should I be using "1 socket with 2 cores per socket" instead?


Where am I going wrong?  Shouldn't it show 2 cores?  Is my VM getting the full measure of the allocated processor resources?




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