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Rewrite a string in a Request Header

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I am wanting to replace a specific string "work.nation.com" (bold string below)in a request header with the value "apps.cloud.com" leaving everything else the same. What would be the best rewrite policy and  action to accomplish this? 






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action type: replace

target expression:  http.req.header("<header name>").substr("work.nation.com")

value (to replace):  "app.nation.com"



add rewrite action rw_act_demorw replace 'http.REQ.HEADER("<header name>").SUBSTR("work.nation.com")'  '"apps.cloud.com"'


There are multiple ways to do this with different expression structures; but if this is truly a header value and not a path element, then this should work.

the replace action targets the value of the header (http.req.header("<header name>") and then finds the instance of "work.nation.com" in that header value (if only one occurrence.

The replace value then replaces it with "apps.cloud.com"


Double check whether this is a request time or response time rewrite. I didn't know which header you were rewriting.





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