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Memory leak is observed when policy-based renegotiation happens.

Mai Hirokawa

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We have a memory leak problem and are trying to find a way to fix it without applying a fix pack.


We are currently using NetScaler V12.1(Build 48.13). Memory usage has gradually reached to 98% in a day.

We assume that this problem is caused by one of known issues below.


On a Citrix ADC VPX appliance, memory leak is observed when policy-based renegotiation happens.

[# 714186, 706370]


Apparently, this issue has already fixed on Build 55.18 but We prefer dealing with this issue individually.


Is there any way to fix this problem by changing the setting?

To implement renegotiation by a method other than policy-based renegotiation, for example.


Thank you for any help.



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