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Netscaler as DNS

Sudhir Bhagat

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Hi All, 


As most of you may aware that we are working on F5 to Nescaler migration.  We'll configure simple load balancing only (no GSLB), But we require netscaler to act as DNS for hosted applications. Can we create "A" entry record on Netscaler with simple load balancing only.


Second, Is GSLB configuration is logically correct and useful within same Data Center (single location).




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Yes you can if it is  simple LB and you want NS to spilt the load to your backend application server.


As I understand your question correctly if you have single Data Center i don't think so you can get much benefits of using GSLB. GSLB is mainly used  to manage and control the traffic flow between two physical locations 

This can be use for 

  1. Load balancing ,
  2. High availability,
  3. Fault tolerance,
  4. Disaster recovery 
  5. many more




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Yes, you can create simple A records on NetScaler. DNS Clients talk to NetScaler through an ADNS Service or through DNS Proxy (DNS load balancing). https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/12/dns/configure-dns-resource-records/create-address-records.html


If your A record has multiple potential IP addresses, then GSLB is the better option. GSLB is commonly used in single sites if you have multiple ISPs with different public IP addresses.

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