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Warning 27852: Network component installation is taking more time than expected

keerthana sp

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Hi all,

I was having this problem also in early 2023 with installing Citrix Gateway Plugin on Windows 10 version 22H2 and was able to fix it. Consistently, I would start the setup and would get the installer finished about 80% when the "Warning 27852" pop-up appearing. Once I clicked yes/continue, it would reset to about 20% and go back up to 80% and repeat the cycle. I would also have an issue when I tried to uninstall Citrix Gateway plugin and would get "Warning 27853" pop-ups and the uninstall would fail as well. Very frustrating. 


In some other threads in the past, I saw a google translate post about having two antivirus/anti-malware softwares causing this issue. I searched through my computer and found windows defender (the intrinsic antivirus of Windows) as well as the Segurazo antivirus ("SAntivirus") on my computer. Upon deletion of Segurazo antivirus, I attempted to install Citrix Gateway and it worked! Therefore, I believe the problem might be in third-party antivirus softwares.


To get Citrix Gateway working on your computer, I would suggest typing appwiz.cpl into the search bar in windows 10 and opening it. Then, using the search bar in appwiz.cpl (part of Control Panel), search key words like "Antivirus", "Anti", or "Malware" to find key third-party antivirus/anti-malware programs and uninstall them. Obviously, be careful to not uninstall important programs and windows or anything. After uninstalling third-party software and restarting your computer, you should be able to restart the Citrix Gateway installer and it should properly install!


Good Luck!

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