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Machine catalog setup

Gopi Krishna


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Did you notice errors in the event viewer that the database connection was lost?


You can follow these steps to repair the broken database connection:

  1. Verify that the database server is running, and reachable on the network.
  2. Check the hostname of the database server in the string and the database name on the database server.
  3. Look for any corruption or issues with the database.
  4. On the Delivery Controller, open a PowerShell command window.
  5. Type `asnp  Citrix*
  6. Ensure that the connection string is configured correctly, and that the database server is healthy and up and running.
  7. Get-[Service]DBConnection -DataStore Site (for services with secondary database) Monitor, Log. 
  8. Get-[Service]DBConnection
  9. If incorrect, null the connection, set the connection
  10. Ensure that the Delivery Controller can communicate with the database server.
  11. Ping, 
  12. Restart the service Citrix Monitor service
  13. Ensure the permissions on the database is configured correctly  CTX127998.



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