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NS13 STA servers show as DOWN via FQDN

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Upgraded our Netscaler from 11.1 to NS13.0 47.24.nc

While upgrading I was doing the checks on the NS before proceeding with the next upgrade (11.1 > 12.0 > 12.1 > 13.0)

All was OK until version 13. But after the last upgrade I found that STA servers no longer work and show as DOWN.

I have changed the STAs from FQDN to IP and they work, but I want to fix the issue with FQDN.

DNS seems to be resolving OK from the NS, just dont know what else to check. I have raised a case with Citrix but so far was only sent some unrelated articles.

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From what I understand, Citrix changed the internal STA Monitor on Netscaler in version 13, and a consequence of this is that sometimes it takes 15-30 min for STA servers to go from DOWN to UP after upgrade. I have experienced the same as you, but after re-adding the STA servers and waiting they came up automatically after a while.


Have you run 'dig FQDN' in Netscaler cli to verify the DNS lookup?

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I have the exact same problem.  Perfectly working system, upgraded to latest v13 on 15th August 2020 and STA now stopped working using FQDN on HTTPS.  I set it to the IP on HTTPS now working. 


Also set to FQDN on HTTP and it works.  So something about FQDN on HTTPS connection not working.

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