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Upgrading Win 10 1809 to 1909 inaccessible_boot_device

Mark Federico


Hoping someone has an idea here here is originally a PVS image I reversed imaged back into Citrix Hypervisor 8.1. So its running off of local storage on a VM right now I made sure it has the latest management agent and drivers but after the upgrade when the machine reboots I keep getting a BSOD about the inaccessible_boot_device. I have searched and havent found anyone else with this issue unless it was a very old thread that had to do with layering (which we are not using) or an older version of XenServer or PVS so hoping something might have another idea on why the upgrade keeps causing the BSOD 


Also made sure there are no ghost devices in device manager as i know that's a common cause of this issue

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Hi Mark,


What happens if you just install a new 1909 image?

Seems like the upgrade broke it. I've seen upgrades break with similar messages, but mostly when coming from RTM Win 10.

If you really want to fix the image, you could try booting it with a Win 10 ISO and going into the recovery console, then do the usual things:




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I had a similar issue when rolling back the xen v9 drivers to v8 drivers (for testing something) on server 2016.


Might be unrelated but what  I did was bootup into safemode and re-installed the xen storage driver in windows. After that initialized I was able to reboot into normal mode without the bluescreen.

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