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NetScaler Gateway 12.1 55.18.nc user receive "Transfer Logon" Message

marcus holden

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We upgraded our NetScaler VPX to the latest version to patch it and after users are prompted to update their Gateway Plugin for SSL/VPN login, some are receiving a message the they are currently logged on to the NetScaler Gateway on another device. They are then if they would like to end that session. They get an option to "Transfer" or "Cancel".


Is there something I need to clear on the NetScaler Gateway to stop this behavior?



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After the upgrade, users are rebooting workstation as directed by the client?  In doing so, the logout is often not clean, so when the user reconnects, they still have a session on the appliance.  A couple of options:


1. Turn off EPA upgrade on vServer and client upgrade on session profiles.  Instead, do upgrades in controlled fashion, outside of the login process.

2. Temporarily change session disconnect timeout to somethin small. like one minute.  The session will be cleared while he workstation reboots.

3. Tell users to logout of VPN before rebooting or... less desirable

4. Tell them to live with it.  This is a one time event.

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