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Concerns of Upgrading from 11.1 -> 12.1

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We are starting to plan to upgrade our Netscalers from version 11.1 to 12.1 by going from 11.1 -> 12.0 -> 12.1. We want to upgrade this so we have the built in fix for the recent vulnerability, we have mitigation in place, and to prevent end of life/support. 


It's a little concerning to jump 2 major versions because a lot can change in major version changes. Does anyone know, or experienced, any major changes going from 11.1 to 12.1 either in the GUI or settings on Netscaler Gateways or Virtual Servers? I reviewed multiple documents and seems the only big change is the Classic expressions has been deprecated which I don't think we are using any. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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