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Add VPX to ADM - Device with this IP address already exists but it doesn't

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I have a couple of SDXs hosting VPXs doing HA.  All is working well.


I'm trying to utilize ADM more.  I've added my SDXs to ADM and all looks well, except that it's missing one VPX on each device.


If I attempt to add them manually, I get an error message indicating that Device with this IP address already exists.  I've gone through MAS and verified -- no device exists with this IP address, and it isn't discovered if I do a re-discover on the SDX hosting it.


All my other VPXs have been discovered and they work great with ADM..  I'm not even sure where to start troubleshooting this!


ADM is version  It's not a fresh install and has been upgraded over the past couple of years.


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Citrix's solution which worked for me. In our situation VPX-es on SDX were not discovered and could not be added manually.

ADM version


SSH to the ADM 


/mps/db_pgsql/bin/psql -U mpspostgres -p 5454 mpsdb 
set schema 'Owner'; 
select ip_address,instance_mode,id from managed_device where ip_address like '<SDX IP Address>'; 

the table should output Ip_address, instance_mode and id 

delete from managed_device where ip_address='<SDX IP Address>'; 
delete from vm_device where id='Device_ID'; 
delete from ns where id='Device_ID'; 


Notes :: 
- No need to reboot ADM 
- No need to run this command on Secondary ADM if HA is present


After this I was able to re-discover the SDX and the VPX was added to the inventory again.

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