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Adding new host to VMware cluster

Michael Burnstead


I'm 99% sure I know the answer to this already, but thought I'd ask anyway.    My VMware guys are shortly going to be adding four new hosts to an existing VMware cluster.   Everything on the existing eight hosts will be extended to the new hosts - vSAN, networks etc.   Same hardware etc - it'll just go from 8 hosts to 12.


I'm pretty sure I don't have to do anything within Citrix - anyone know different?

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Thought I'd come back and update - nothing was needed from the Citrix side.   We seem to have issues with machines abruptly losing their IP address and dropping back to a 169.254.n.n address, but I don't think that's a Citrix issue as such, or directly related to the additional hosts.   Probably a quirk of ESXi 6.7 and/or the new VMware tools installed.   Still working on that.

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