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F5 and Storefront - browser session time terminates VDA session

kevin buchan


We are setting up F5 as reverse proxy for Storefront.   We can log into F5, which passes the credentials to Storefront.  We can launch applications successfully.  However, -when the Citrix session state timeout happens, the browser will show the inactivity countdown and close the browser session (ie log off).  The F5 recognizes that the session terminated (ie, logged off), and the F5 terminates all the sessions - including the applications.   Even if the user is active in the application, it will shutdown and close without warning.


We can extend the browser session time, but we would have to extend it for several hours so the applications aren't interrupted.   We have tested and validated that if we are access the storefront via the internal hostname - in other words, not via the F5 VIP/FQDN - then the browser session will timeout and not interrupt the Citrix VDA session.


Anyone have any suggestion?  

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kebuchan, the logoff option is related to Storefront browser configuration and how it handles user sessions when manual click on Log Off in SF web page. You dont need to have Workspace enabled. So for example if this setting is set to Disconnect , when user makes ICA connection , then goes on Storefront page and under Menu - clicks Log Off, his/her session will be Disconnected.

So from sound of your issue, I was just suggesting to see if setting this to None (do nothing option ) might help when SF pages log off due to time out.  

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mkatanic:  I tried all three options, but the behavior is unchanged.   When the browser inactivity timer "times out", the applications will close also.  Thanks for the suggestion, though!  


I think the issue is with the F5??  When it see the logoff (due to inactivity) it drops the sessions - including the applications.   We can test StoreFront behavior from "inside the network" (not using F5 VIP FQDN), and the SF behavior works as we expect - it will timeout and allow the apps to continue to running.  So, we are pretty confident this is related to F5 configuration, or maybe a SF configuration that allows it to work with SF.  

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