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Moving our Citrix Xenapp system to a new network (office move) causes the licenses to fails

Steve MacCabe


Hi Citrix Folks!

Thanks for being here and helping the Citrix community. 


First off a short intro, I am not a Citrix expert, maybe a novice but I have been managing our internal  XenApp 6.5 for 7 or 8 years now. I keep it running.  It is a simple, single server implementation - no farm here.


We recently moved to a new office, which was during a period when I was off on paternity leave and upon my return, 6 months later, I learned this system was not functioning. 


The migration of the on premise computer systems to the new office included a network change... a new domain name basically.  This seems to have affected the validation of license files on the system.   Xenapp is installed on Windows VM and is hosted on the same system it was in the old network. 


What I do know is a Mac address or host name change can affect the licensing.  Assuming neither of these changed, what else could be causing this?  This license is perpetual as far as I understand, as the word "permanent" is found in the .lic file.


Is the solution to 'Move' the license file to a "new server" using https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/licensing/current-release/admin-no-console/manage-licenses-myaccount.html#modify-licenses?


What else might I look at to resolve this? 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Koenraad,

Thanks for the reply. 


I know the hostname is still the same - just the domain name has changed.

For example, it was: <hostname>.myold.office.com and is now <hostname>.mynew.office.com. 

This is an internal server.  I can't imagine the <hostname>.myold.office.com would be valid for the license file generation.  I suspect it would only use <hostname> for the license generation?  Maybe that is it? 


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We are not sure what took place - hostname is the same... but perhaps it went from "hostname" to "HOSTNAME".  Regardless, the new lic works! 

Thank  you Koenraad.


A few other things were affected, like permissions to the applications - new domain, so all reference to the old user groups were not migrated over properly, hence the CitrixViewer App could see any applications. This has been resolved by giving the users and groups permissions to the apps again.


Now on to figuring out what is the latest Citrix Clients the Mac OS 10.14/10.15 and Windows systems can use with XA 6.5.  So far my search for clues has led me to stay away from Worksapce App.  Will post a new question on this new topic if I get lost again.




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