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Replacement for an old Citrix Access Gateway

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We recently discovered an old environment at one of our subsidiaries. Its a simple Xenapp 6.5 setup with a Citrix Secure Access Gateway and about 150 concurrent users max. We would like to replace the CAG with something a little more secure. This is just ICA traffic, apps and desktops.


Looking at current Citrix offerings its a little difficult to work out exactly what would need to be ordered, for what I understand we would only need a Citrix Gateway (Netscaler) VPX and the platform license. What I'm not clear on is if we would need any more licensing. Also trying to figure out the exact items to order. When I look at the Citrix store for Citrix Gateway I'm given a licensing choice between Concurrent User (Universal) and Enterprise VPX, I'm not sure we need either of these but there is no other option.


I did contact a pre-sale engineer and sadly the reply I got was disappointing. It was a very generic reply that basically suggested I buy 2 x Netscaler ADC VPX 200 Standard.

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If all you need is ICA Proxy (no load balancing, no SmartAccess, no VPN), then order one or two Gateway Enterprise VPX. Two for HA pair. These are limited to 50 Mbps.


For load balancing, you'll need ADC Standard Edition.


You only need Universal licenses for SmartAccess and VPN.

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