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Workspace App /Citrix Receiver Screen freeze but Mouse and Keyboard input still submitted

Gido Blaser




We have setup a new XenDesktop Windows 10 Golden Image for Citrix VDI.

Now we have 2 Delivery Group (Win7/Win10)


Now we are facing a strange problem which is only relates to the Windows 10 VDI.



We use Side-to-Side VPN to our Branch Offices. When the users in the branch offices open a XenDesktop connection with a Windows10-VM  then they can login normaly. After a short time the screen freeze and will not updated, but the VM is running correctly. Mouse and Keyboard are still submitted correctly. When i open a connection with a RDP-Tool directly to the Windows10-VM then i can see the keyboard and mouse inputs from the client with freezed screen.

It seems that only the transmission of the display is broken. I can make a disconnect of the Citrix Session on the Client Side and reconnect it and the display will work a short time until it freeze again.


The Problem occurs only when i use the Citrix Receiver/Workspace Software. When i use HTLM5 Receiver on the same Client trough the same VPN it works.

External connections trough Netscaler works without a problem with the Citrix Workspace Software.

Internal connections are not using a Netscaler. They are directly to the storefront which is on the delivery controller.

Delivery Controllers are the same for internal and external connections.


I am very grateful for your help


Best regards





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Hi - we are seeing this exact described behaviour on Citrix 7.15 LTSR Running various versions of the Citrix workspace/receiver and this started happening recently after a Windows update (KB4571756). 
We are also running through a Citrix Netscaler VPX gateway - all worked ok before the Windows update, and works if we remove the windows update.
We have a case open for this issue: Case #80017422
We are not getting much support on this currently and told this is a Microsoft issue. 
If there is any information that can assist here that would be appreciated.

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We have been experiencing this same freezing issue but the mouse and keyboard still provide input to the session but it never shows on the screen.  This comes up all of a sudden and randomly on some machines.  We have had a ticket open with Citrix for 8 months and still no resolution.  We have sent them multiple sets of logs and they see the issue but they can't figure out why it is happening.  Has anyone resolved this issue?  We have tried many client versions, Windows updates, firmware on the Win10 system, driver updates on the PC and alot more.  Still no resolution to this issue.


How did you solve your issue?

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