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Citrix VDA 1912 break our File Type Associations (FTA) and has other issues

Jay Kociol1709158674


Citrix VDA 1912 break our File Type Associations (FTA) where on the second and consecutive logins with a new profile we lose all the defaults that where set. A prompt in systray appears and goes through the list of FTA (Web Browser, Photo Viewer, etc) on each new login.  We been working with Citrix Support where they still looking into the case  but not have found out why this happening.  We tried many changes to fix including being sure AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat* was being synced. Another issue that VDA 1912 is breaking and we are still trying to solve is OneDrive connections when saving from office is giving us a prompt to login which is also failing. Is anyone else having these issue with VDA 1912 or have any suggestions? 

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We are experiencing the same thing (posted about it here: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/406884-windows-10-modern-apps-breaking-wsappx/).


Assumed it was caused by our modern application issue... Are you experiencing any issues with Photos/Calc/Store with 1912?

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