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FSLogix Redirections.xml

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


Does anyone know what the username variable is to use in the redirections.xml file


i cannot seem to find the documentation on this.


as i would like to include D:\%username%\SharePoint -Sync


as i have had to move the One Drive sync to D: so i can leave C:\ Drive locked down, One drive sync seems to pick up the new location, but when users sync the SharePoint site, it doesn't get included in the VHD.





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mmm so i tried the below, which no luck


Redirection Rule


From D:\Users\TestUser\SharePoint




only testing a 1 to 1 match at this point.


Tried to sync my library and i just get a nice One Drive error ' Sorry, OneDrive Cant add your folder right now'


so i dont think it likes the redirection filter. 


although after this is applied, i cannot actually create a file in the D:\ path, i just get Invalid device.  so this is most likely the issue at this point

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