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Windows 2016 cortina SearchUI or searching disable

Tyd Ros


Hello all,


Has anyone tried to disable the SearchUI process in 2016 server? (We publish full desktops)  Id love to grab back about 50Mb of ram per user but am afraid it will have negative consequences.    From what it appears SearchUI is cortina and is not exaclty windows search or office search. Is that correct?




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9 minutes ago, Koenraad Willems said:



This is covered by the service "Windows Search", which is disabled by default on Server 2016 by the way.

Most best practices guides recommend to disable Windows Search/Cortana anyway.

Have a look at this VDI optimisation script:








I thought that the SearchProtocolHost.exe was the process for windows searching.   As far as disabling it, sure it can help performance but when you are using say FSlogix\ office containers you want to enable it to give users the searching that they want like in Outlook.  I dont think disabling search is a best practice anymore based on users needs and that profile apps out today (fslogix) . Now if Cortina and search are seperate processes (SearchProtocolHost.exe and SearchUI.exe) that would be great

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