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After Upgrade to IOS device Cant connect

Bakary Traore

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we did the Upgrade from to and now iOS device cant open the Site anymore.  We are using AAA nfactor so the citrix Workspace on iPads is configured to use manual Setting with Webinterface as Access Method.  We only See citrix Gateway Logo with Spinning Circle. Anyone having Same issue?.




Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-29 um 18.26.03.png

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AAA is tricky on ADC.. We've seen it break on a lot of firmware updates, although I have to admit we use a special implementation using oAuth on the backend.

Does it still work for other devices?

I think your best bet would be to revert to the previous firmware, and keep the mitigation steps in place in the meantime. Then log a ticket with Citrix to get it resolved.





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I'm experiencing the problem  after upgrading to as well.  The only good thing is that the gateway not working was not configured for production so I have some times to get that figured out.  The only difference is that this gateway is configured for SAML, and the other gateways are configured for LDAP authentication.  


Did you ever get it resolved?

Best regards,


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