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Netscaler VPX update to

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As we all have, I received the email to upgrade to v11.1.63.15 for my VPX's which are all v11.1.55.13
The download was a VMDK file.  So..is this going to just replace my existing VPX and I will have to reconfigure the new one or is it an actual "update"?

Will I be able to just "restore" from a backup of the existing VPX to the new VM?  

Only have the 3 files in the downloaded zip.


and the .vmdk


Thanks all!

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You can just upgrade the firmware, you don't need to deploy the whole image.

You can download it here:


It is the last entry called NetScaler gateway 11.1-63.15 nCore-Firmware (nCore).


Here is the guide to upgrade:


Choose standalone or HA pair, depending on your setup.





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