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Netscaler - VLAN NSIP binding missing !

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Hello together,


I have an issue with a new installed NetScaler VPX. I have add two NICs to the virtual machine. One are for NSIP/SNIP and the other NIC for the VIP.


Now I have createt a new VLAN 300 with an binding on Interface 1/1 where the VIP terminate.


Now I see an warning the says: "VLAN NSIP binding missing !". Under VLANs and IP Bindings I see only the SNIP and the VIP for binding.


Could anyone explain me how I can add the NSIP to default VLAN1 or how I can resolve the issue ?


Kind regards


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System -> Settings -> Change NSVLAN Settings


Type in the relevant VLAN (2-4094) add the Interface (0/1) choose Tagged or not.


After needed Reboot, the VLAN is shown under "System -> Network -> VLANs" with the IP Binding from the NSIP.



set ns config -nsvlan <VLAN> -ifnum 0/1 -tagged NO


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