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Netscaler 12.1 I cant find a virtual server to unbind the cert!

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Hi All,


I have a strange one.


I want to unbind a problematic cert. 

I bound it to three virtual servers in NS11.1 and then upgraded the NS to 12.1.

Now the cert is bound to four virtual servers and I cannot for the life of me find the last one.

I used the search field in config and systematically went through the virtual servers unbinding this certificate but there is one final one I cannot find.


The only information I have is it is called 


VSERVER: local.domain.name-DtlsTurn


Can anyone help me find this?


Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated.


I guess the workaround will be roll back to 11.1 unbind and remove the cert and then upgrade.


While I'm on certs, has anyone seen the issuer of a cert change before and after the 11.1->12.1 upgrade? I have one cert that is now showing a different issuer that I cannot link to my CA certs, hence why I am trying to remove it.

Before upgrade it showed "Thwart RSA CA 2018" and after the upgrade it shows "Thwart TLS RSA CA G1"



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