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VMs autmatically shutdown after use and VDA Static IP addresses resets after reboot

Sheila Mae Conda




I am using Nutanix AHV as the connection and I have 10 VDAs with static IP configuration. The IP addresses resets once the VM reboots.


I did some Powershell scripts to make the VDA state always power on.


  • Get-BrokerDesktopGroup –Name DGNAME –ShutdownDesktopsAftreuse $Falseand


  • Set-BrokerDesktopGroup "Desktop Group Name" -PeakBufferSizePercent 100


The behavior of the VDAs still the same.


Issues I encountered:


1. VM automatically shutdown after logoff
2. Static IP resets after reboot (APIPA 169.254.XXX.XXX address are getting assigned)
3. Multiple IP address assigned for the virtual machine after reboot



DDC: 7.15.4000

Random Catalog, MCS

No: of machines:  10 VDA

VDA agent version: 7.15.4000

VDA OS: Windows 10


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What other settings do you have on the Delivery Group? Some of them might also cause the desktops to shut down, like:

  • OffPeakDisconnectAction
  • OffPeakLogOffAction
  • PeakDisconnectAction
  • PeakExtendedDisconnectAction
  • PeakLogOffAction 
  • PowerOffDelay

With regards to the IP address, that might be more of a Nutanix problem. It looks like the VMs are not being registered in the correct network (in time).





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