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CVAD 7 1909 How to publish notepad or Wordpad running on Citrix servers without configuring/publishing Desktop

Liby Mathew


Hi All,

I am trying my hands on CVAD 7 1909, I need some quick assistance.  

I want to publish Notepad and Wordpad from C:\Windows\System32 on the Citrix server itself.  I don't need a remote desktop to be published.

When I try to Add Applications, I am told I need to create Application Group.  When I try to create Application Group, I am told to create Delivery Group.  When I  try to create Delivery Group, I am told to Create Machine Catalog.  But, in Machine catalog I can't see any reference to Application other than Multi, Single session OS and Remote PC access.  How can I publish an application?

Any assistance is much appreciated.


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Did you install the 1909 VDA on the server that will be hosting the applications?

If so, the next step is to add it to a machine catalog. After that, you can add a delivery group, using that machine catalog. After that, you can publish the applications.

Here is a good starting point:






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Thank you Koenraad.

I have installed VDA on the server CVAD 7.19 itself and created the required Catalog, Delivery, Application groups and published the application.  However, when access the notepad after installing the Citrix receiver, i get the desktop and then I get the desktop even though it is not published and I have to click Ok to close the disclaimer.   Is this a normal behavior when I have a disclaimer? 


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Hi Koenraad,

Below is the sequence screenshot.  The topology, a domain with multiple DC, multiple site connected over VPN tunnel, Exchange Servers etc., Citrix standard installation on Windows 2012 R2, VDI installed on the Citrix server itself for test by publishing notepad.exe.  Interactive logon message as part of default domain policy is enforced.

Now I have another difficulty.  I have to click the notepad short cut once again and follow the below sequence to open notepad.exe.

Appreciate your follow-up






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