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Sending traffic logs for specific virtual server to external syslog server

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Hi Team,


i would like to know if it is possible to send traffic logs that hits specific virtual server to an external syslog server? especially for virtual server that is using UDP protocol. instead of having the logs from the server. we would like to have it directly from NetScaler as it is the main point for client to access.


i understand Citrix Application Delivery Management has the analytic ability with enabling AppFlow. but i can see it does not have analytic for UDP type of virtual server.


Please advise.

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On 1/29/2020 at 6:13 AM, Koenraad Willems said:



Have a look at this thread, it outlines how it can be done:








Hi Koenraad Willems,


i have try the guides inside the thread. but it seems like the traffic log is not sending. i can only see logs for audit. eventhough i have bind the policy. quick question, my vserver is based on any protocol. and i use responder policy. will this work? How about if the vserver is using UDP protocol.


anyway just to add some more information:


we are currently testing using Citrix NetScaler 13.0


i notice that the guide shows need to enable bypassSafetyCheck. Since bypassSafetyCheck in version 13 has been depreciated, is there anyway we can disable it in version 13?


will it also work? please advise.

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