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Upgrading Office 2016 to 2019/user configuration

Chris Carter1709157035


Good Afternoon,


I know this is not strictly a App Layering issue but whatever solution i put in will need to go in a layer. Has anyone tackled the project moving from Office 2016 layer  to Office 2019? If so what solution have you come up with to keep user's pinned taskbar and Start Menu? We are using Windows 10 1809 and using UPM.  Thanks for any information or direction you can provide.



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Kind of what i assumed, not everyone has the default pins. This was more of an investigaton of capturing users existing pins, remove them from their profile (since they do not use the same path) and add the same pins back pointing to  the new application. Just hoping someone had a different perspective and found a working solution.


I will check out some other rabbit holes. Thanks for the help.

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