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HTML5, Edge Browser, Full Desktop not working in Virtual Apps

Pete Munro


We have a problem accessing a full desktop in Virtual Apps when using HTML5 client on the Edge Browser going via Citrix Gateway and Storefront. It works in Firefox but not in Edge. It looks like it is going to work but displays a blank screen for about a second and then goes back to the Storefront screen.


In the application event log on the Virtual Apps server you get

    The Desktop Window Manager has registered the session port. 

and then within a few seconds

   The Citrix Desktop Service detected that a user session has ended. Session f598b34c-4e2d-4a40-9229-42a0f550b51a for user 'nnnnnnnn' has ended; reason code ConnectionFailure.



Storefront 1909.1.0.11

Citrix Gateway

Virtual Apps 1909.1.0.23058

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Hi Pete,


There is a newer version (1912) available:


The version before that (1909), fixed this issue, which seems related:

When you attempt to launch a session in private browsing mode on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser, the session might fail to launch. [RFHTMCRM-3039]

So it would make sense to update.


There is also someone reporting similar behaviour as you with the exact same version:







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Hi Koenraad,


I have update the storefront and HTML5 to 1912 but it is still the same. Should have said that apps in Edge work OK, it's only the full desktop.


You also mention that HTML5 versions are numbered 2.X but I am not sure where to look for that number. The only place I have seen a version is in storefront and that is showing HTML5 Receiver now.





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