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Alternative Profile Mangement Solutions

Mathias Goripow


Hi all,


I'm currently looking for an alternative UPM solution. 

First things first, use case:


We have an application who writes many small files to some directory. Since our VDAs (Virtual Desktop 1909) are provisioned and the files must be persistent we first redirected the files to a network location. Problem is that another application on the VDA need those files and so first you copy them to the network location and then back to the VDA (in the memory) to work with them.


Later we tried FSLogix Profile Container but since it was SMB/CIFS mounted vhd i guess the speed was on par or just a little bit better then the folder redirection. And finally we tried to let the application wirte the files into the userprofile and let Citrix UPM do the magic, this was fine for quite a time because the files are staying on the VDA and get copied back on logoff.


Now what I was looking for would something like FSLogix but not mount the profile disk via SMB/CIFS, I was looking if there was anything out that could attach a profile disk to the VM in vmware directly.

I know there is a product from liquidware which can do this if you use vmware horizon, but not with citrix.


Does anyone know if such a product exists?


Thank you

Best regards



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Hi James,


well it works but we had cases of profile corruption where users are getting error 0 when starting.

WIth profile corruption im reffering to files and folders which are getting stuck in the pending folder and not migrated to UPM_Profile.


Reason was that the profile management takes long. (30 min+) because of the small files to finish.

When the user starts a new vdi and the profile management is still writing the old one back then the upm gets troubled.


Thats why we are looking for a alternative solution. So the goal would be to get a solution who doenst copy/stream things back an forth.



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Hi James,


thank you for the suggestion but as far I quickly flew over the document its the same approach like FSLogix with the difference that you only select a few folders/files instead of the whole profile.


So I still would have to go through SMB/CIFS bottleneck.


And workflow for the application is really uglyif you have the files out in the network:

Server1 (Filestore) -> via SMB ->  Server2 (Filehandler) -> via SMB ->  VDA -> via SMB -> Profilecontainer 


And if I want to Work with the files there would be an additional step back to the VDA:

Profilecontainer -> via SMB -> VDA into Memory into Application


So with UPM i can skip two ways which the files would have to move else.


I hope this shed some light into why I'm looking for something which would work with vmdk and get attached to the VDA on vmware :-)


Best regards


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