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EPA Scan - Unable to launch. epaPackage.exe VS nsepa_setup.exe

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NS v12.1 55.13, Hyper V Appliance


When I first tried configuring the EPA scan the clients all receive a message as follows in the browser:


You don't have permission to access /epa/scripts/win/nsepa_setup.exe on this server.


After checking KB I found this https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX263565 which identifies a possible corrupt plugin file.  However when browsing to /var/netScaler/gui/scripts/win I only saw epaPackage.exe.  This confused me, the NS is looking to download nsepa_setup.exe. 


I found that the NS12.0 HyperV appliance actually includes the files nsepa_setup.exe and nsepa_setup64.exe.  I have copied these files from NS12.0 to NS12.1, (this is maybe where I went wrong?) as suggested in the KB article, this has fixed the error "You don't have permission to access /epa/scripts/win/nsepa_setup.exe on this server." but the plugin is not recognised or launched.  Everytime the clients are prompted to re-download nsepa_setup.exe and it is not recognised as being installed.


I think I am missing something here, should NS12.1 be actually using epaPackage.exe and not nsepa_setup.exe ?


What is the difference between epaPackage.exe & nsepa_setup.exe.  epaPackage.exe just launches a command prompt and disappears quickly, where nsepa_setup actually installs the client EPA plugin.


Why would the NS be looking for nsepa_setup.exe, and why would it not be present in the 12.1 HyperV image.


After deploying a new NS12.1 appliance I found that only epaPackage.exe is present. 


Apologies for the confusion, I would like to understand if I am configuring the NS pre auth scan incorrectly or if I am truly missing some files, if so where can I get the correct version for NS V12.1 55.13.


Thank you

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